If you've got dreams and plans to start your own sneaker brand but lack the $100,000 you'll need to get started then this course is for you.

Many of today's fashion greats owe their humble beginnings to the printers, seamstresses and tailors found in their cities that have helped bring their vision to life.

Footwear, especially sneakers, is a little different. Unless you're lucky enough to be located in some of the sneaker manufacturing hubs around the world such as Gaungzhou or Portugal, access to manufacturing expertise is inaccessible.

The cost of bringing a line of sneakers into production far exceeds what it takes to bring a clothing line into reality when you factor in manufacturers remote locations, upper manufacture, outsole manufacture.

At LSS we want to change this. This course borrows from the lean startup methodology that has given birth to some of the tech giants over the last 10 years to get your sneaker brand out into the world.

This 10-part course will cover all areas of starting a shoe brand — from design, to branding, to marketing, to manufacture. Everything you need to know to help you build your business from the ground up.

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